How to use ntlite

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How to use ntlite

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how to use ntlite

Sign In Register. Quick Links Categories Recent Discussions. Categories 1. June in Questions and Reports. I haven't used Nlite since the XP days. The program certainly has changed! So much sothat I cannot figure out how to use it. All I see is "source" on the left side below "Start". Where are the options to add drivers, etc? June Hello, true.

How to Customize Windows 7 with RT7 Lite!

For starters you can read those yellow information bars on top of pages, below the toolbar. Then you can check this guide for integration, should cover the basics skip the first few sections about the downloading of updates.

Let me know if there is something unclear. Awesome, thank you. The guide is incredibly helpful. How do I add USB 3. I have the drivers downloaded to my computer. June edited June Glad to be of help. Sorry about that, forum formatting messes with it. Fixed, here again. I thought on Twitter you meant the forum link did not work.Reinstalling Windows is tedious, especially if you need to do it on a regular basis.

To begin you must point NTLite at a source Windows image. Click Components, for instance, and you slim down Windows by leaving out surplus modules.

how to use ntlite

There are options to tweak various Windows settings, for example customizing the startup state of various Windows services. REG files post-installation to apply any remaining tweaks. Otherwise, though, this is a mature program with an excellent feature set, regular significant updates, and a genuinely useful free version. Check it out. All Rights Reserved. Privacy Policy - Cookie Policy. Got News?

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I started by posting this question on how to create a Windows 10 installation DVD, with preinstalled software office, antivirus, etcand it was suggested to try NTlite. After a test, the windows installed as a virtual machine with the customized ISO, doesnt have the software I tried to have preinstalled. The windows custom configurations and updates, worked fine, but the software pre-installation is also very important. As I said, the resulting windows installation doesnt have the software I tried to have installed.

Ideally, one should be able to create an installation image based on a windows vm maybe where the software has already been installed, but I guess that doesnt exist. Sign up to join this community.

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The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Asked 1 year, 10 months ago. Active 1 year, 10 months ago. Viewed 4k times. I'll retrace here my steps and maybe someone can spot a mistake. This is the source loading into NTlite : This is the updates : This is some of the windows configuration adding user accounts etc : This is a few software I added for a test : And the final configuration : As I said, the resulting windows installation doesnt have the software I tried to have installed.

I don't use the software you are asking about however, I would expect that the post setup automate installation would require at least a local admin account to be defined for it to log in and run all the "setup. I have only ever used DISM to create a.

how to use ntlite

Of course, that is nLite is supposed to do more or less Are you sure you performed the required steps, and used the ISO that was created, because it almost sounds like you used the wrong ISO. Hi TiO I created two admins user and administrator - third imagebut actually I did not configure autologin. It wasnt clear to me whether the software would be added already installed in the NTlite preparation, or added as a setup and installed afterwords during the proper windows installation. This second alternative isnt exactly what I was looking for.

Hi Ramhound I think i performed the required steps, and I used the right ISO because the windows customization I did was present in the installation.

Can you post a link on how to do this using DISM? Maybe it offers more possibilities. Active Oldest Votes. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.Some have asked for an updated guide for Windows 10, thus I would like to share my latest experiment with slimming down Windows 10 and the steps I took to get it working. Create a small functional image to be used for a fast virtual machine which can run most Windows Desktop applications, using minimal memory and minimal HD space.

I tested it with various applications, and so far everything works fine including larger ones such as Corel Draw. If you want to use one of these example presetsplease adapt them to your needs: at a minimum check the Components — [toolbar] Compatibility options. Starting with the version 1. Purpose: Create a small functional image to be used for a fast virtual machine which can run most Windows Desktop applications, using minimal memory and minimal HD space.

This is not a general guide, but just the steps I documented for my own needs, which may prove helpful to others who want to accomplish something similar. Host Refresh and Install Updates wizards Oct 6, How to create a custom image with multiple editions Mar 10, Cookies By continuing to use this site you are agreeing to our privacy policy Accept.Most of us don't enjoy reinstalling Windows. Between finding all the essential drivers, downloading every windows update, and reinstalling all of our apps, it's a time consuming and, frankly, tedious procedure.

However, there is a way to make it much easier. With slipstreaming, we can add all the necessary drivers, updates, settings, and programs, along with the operating system. Let's see how to create a custom Windows ISO tailored to your needs, for any modern version of Windows. Slipstreaming allows us to integrate various updates to the Windows installation medium. But what does that mean, exactly?

To better understand what slipstreaming is, we will have to take it one step at a time. Usually, after a clean Windows installation, one of the first things we will have to take care of is the Windows Updates.

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First off, our computer will connect to the internet. Then, Windows will search for updates, download and install them, and perform the necessary restarts. This process can take quite a bit of time. Here is where slipstreaming comes in, since it is an advantageous process, but not so well-known by the majority of users. As such, we only have to download all the updates once. By the time we first see our newly installed desktop, Windows will already have the bulk of its updates installed.

how to use ntlite

In Windows XP, slipstreaming used to be extremely easy; the Windows installation procedure practically just copied the files from the CD to the hard drive. As such, the user could simply add the necessary updates to the Windows installation medium through the command prompt. With the arrival of Vista and the later Windows versions, this process has changed.

We now use ISO images for the installation. Thus, the slipstreaming method of Windows XP is next to impossible.

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It is incredibly convenient for a computer technician to use this method in his job. They can install fully customized Windows in dozens of computers within minutes and without the need of any additional tweaking. However, slipstreaming can be just as useful for personal use. It can save us precious time, even if we only have a single computer.While Windows 10 Technical Preview running perfectly on my 17 inch non-touch screen laptop which is not in a virtual machine but a physical PC, I would like to help Microsoft to make Windows better and send my feedback from a daily use computer.

Microsoft allow us either upgrade from Windows 8 to Windows 10, or have a fresh installation. I can see some people already tried on their DV8P, but most of them were upgrading. A friend of mine tried fresh install but it seems the installation file is lacking of some proper drivers, include the touch screen driver in the setup stage and the wireless driver in the first time new system start stage.

Well, there are several ways: we can use Windows ADK or MDT tool to inject the drivers which is much more complicated for a user; or in a large enterprise environment that have to deploy thousands of tablets at the same time usually can leverage the advantage by SCCM with MDT for Operating System Deployment.

So is there any simple and easy way just for an basic user to add the drivers into the USB installation disk? Unfortunately NTLite can only regonize. Let me explain a little bit here: Windows is using boot. So in order to use the touch screen, we have to integrate the Dell driver into boot. When the image loaded, this time is the install. Repeat the same steps to inject the drivers into boot.

Ricky Gao.The ' nLite ' is still available on the Internet. According to the statistics of viewing these pages, there are still users who use older operating system, and perhaps the first Nuhi work of this kind.

Although at ' www.

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Part of the expanded window above shows the next image. Figure 9 is the biggest picture I ever made at this site. Shaded squares indicate that there are content with sub-squares without a check mark when dissolving the corresponding content. Deleted marks in a squares means that the corresponding terms will not be included in the new synthesized operating system content.

Why should some term be wiped out? Let's imagine that the operating system bunch of grain beans files each having a task. In order to carry out the task of certain grain bean, it is necessary to find and retrieve it. If a bunch of beans is smaller it is easier to find and retrieve the desired bean.

There is, and that's pretty. In order not to bother with certain operating system settings, some can be pre-defined according to the following picture:. But beware, the latter as far as control programs are concerned, Microsft simply ignores and solves only with wushowhide.

How To Slipstream Drivers And Updates In A Custom Windows ISO

Before installing live it is good to keep track of how it works on a virtual computer. Creating a new installation media is done by the ' Applay ' action and the ' Process ' button. During the synthesis, it is quite easy to see how it progresses in the appropriate views of the main window of ' NTlite ' software.

Briefly, Software ' NTLite ' serves to remove components in the composition OS installation media to the same extent by smaller, and thus the OS after installation is faster. This is a very useful software especially for system engineers who maintain a computer network, but this part is not described here.

For this reason, you should contact the site of ' NTlite ' and review its forum and FAQ, and the purchase will get secured support on any issue. Besides, Dino will accept and incorporate any smart suggestion, not to say that he regularly follows all of imaginations by Microsoft.

Build a custom Windows setup disc with NTLite

Reducing the installation. ISO file is done in two steps. First copied its contents to the [! The content of the. Subsequently, the contents of the [! You can view the list of removed content in the files that you can download here.

NTLite - Removing components and adjusting. Part of NTLite capabilities.


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