Death asteroids astrology

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Death asteroids astrology

What is it that you fear the most? What are the traumas that you hide underneath a loving personality? What are the roots of your anxieties and why is it that you have some intrusive thoughts and bizarre desires that wake you up in the middle of the night?

We all have our inner demons and many of us have met them at least once in life, in those little moments of darkness which are inherent to the human condition. There are, however, a handful of asteroids that can cause a little bit of trouble when they are near certain planets making aspects to each other. In such cases, the obscure asteroids show their true colors.

They represent the fears, the hidden desires, the traumas that were forced to be forgotten, the seeds of violence and, in many cases, the reason why one cannot succeed in certain areas of life. An obscure asteroid can knock you down… or, it can teach you how to live. If you have many obscure asteroids aspecting each other in a birth chart, the only way out is finding an outlet to exhaust their energy in a way that will not disrupt the whole system. Hiding them and disguising them is not going to let the energy out, they need to breathe and you need to meet them for coffee or maybe wineget to know them and master their effects before they eat you and others alive.

Below are some examples but only by analyzing individual charts, we can truly see how they act. If it is aspecting Mars or Pluto, it can be experienced as a sexually abusive person. If it aspects Saturn, it can represent abuse of power or an irresistible urge to dominate others through power games. If near the Sun or Ascendant, the native is irresistibly charming and assertive, until one falls prey….

If aspecting the Moon Nodes, natives may be victims of abuse and neglect. Pleasure through pain, wants to be hurt in order to feel comfortable. The house in which it falls will tell exactly which area of life is traumatic.

If it falls in 4th house, childhood events caused deep wounds. If near the Moon, the relationship with the mother is conflicted and unresolved. If near the Sun, Ego is weak and fragile, and near Mars, manhood is tested. One has to go through painful situations that were caused in the past. Feeling like suffering is fated when aspecting challenging areas of the chart. It is usually a strong source of healing for the native despite the trouble it causes.

All or nothing mentality. This is why two people separately may be serene and content and upon meeting one another, they engage in a very toxic relationship in which the obscure asteroids become accessible in the psyche. An abusive relationship is born.

The same goes to many other asteroids but it is important to note that the influence of a dark asteroid can be reversed. Even a synastry chart full of dark spots comes with its own rewards. Maybe your partner would never know he or she secretly wanted you to punish him or her for being so suffocating and demanding until you chickened away rather than being assertive.

No matter the situation, the obscure asteroids teach you about yourself and your partner. For better or for worse, your partner might serve as a mirror for you to see yourself through your dark asteroids.

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The obscure asteroids are not there to punish you or make your life miserable. The reason why they are in specific areas of your astrological chart is simply because they represent an aspect of your psyche that needs work.Do you know other asteroids?

I mean, cappy. IP: Logged. Here's some Go For it.

death asteroids astrology

It is Free, of course. Pohjola stems from the word for North. It's dark during winters and cold. You may die. Sucks, but has nothing to do with death per se. May pass for Prana though. I don't know what it'd have to do with death other than the death of females like a mother perhaps though. Mum's the word for silence seems a stretch for death. To the Finnish or English speakers in question, the pronunciation of the words are about as close as the example here.

A scientist called Inn-na h -nen is not I-nan-na h. It's questionable if you want to say Inanna does through the myths of her or Astarte or Ishtar and the equivalents, I forget descending to the Babylonian realm of the dead.

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Osiris also hasn't been mentioned, despite the Anubis start. It's orcus and OR Jim IP: Logged. I just noticed that in January I have Atropos closely conjunct Pholus right on top of my natal sun, which is an aspect indicating sudden violent death or endings at the least if I ever heard one. At the same time I have Uranus transiting my natal Eris, Saturn transiting my natal Uranus exactly, and asteroid Fortune exactly conjunct my Vertex. I know that last one could be good, but Fortune could also be bad.

It just indicates something related to your fortunes. At the same time I also have moon transiting my natal Algol, which in my birth chart is 2 degrees above my ascendant in the 12th house.

If anyone has experience with similar transits and can shed light on what I should expect, I'd really appreciate it.

My Death : Natal Chart 8th House

Thank you! At the same time I also have Saturn transiting my natal Uranus exactly, and asteroid Fortune exactly conjunct my Vertex. Thank you!!

death asteroids astrology

I didn't share to be taken as "literal" place of death, if I had I would have followed up with the background, mythology or history on how it literally was relating to death physically. To me, a dark cold place describes certain kinds of deaths very well, mainly an emotional death.

He also had chiron at the beginning of his 8th house and transit uranus passing his 8th.Start Here]. Staying until the bitter end. Grief, loss, mourning. Next to any of the love asteroids Amor, Eros, Psyche this can make for disastrous or painful love affairs, and can even indicate death or loss of a partner. Bellona was the Roman Goddess of War. While not necessarily bad it can stand for an assertive, power-house type of personality, particularly in womenBellona strongly placed in charts can be extremely confrontational or willing to fight.

List of asteroids in astrology

Pandora is both an asteroid as well as a Moon to Saturn, here we only speak about the asteroid Pandora. Similar to the Christian myth, Pandora was the original woman, fashioned out of water and earth, and of course, everything wrong with humanity is her fault eye roll.

Melete is connected to the Greek word for anxiety, and as such, can indicate anxiety disorders, panic attacks and other forms of mental anguish. Eventually, she became such a shell of a being that all that was left of her was her echo. Jealousy especially acts driven by jealousy that end poorlya tattle-tale, a gossip. Desperate, senseless romances.

Being in love but being ignored. Klytia was in love with Apollo or Helios, the Sun Godbut he had another lover. Goddess of blind folly, rashness, infatuation, and mischief. Ate was said to be behind the curse that started the Trojan War. Ate may show where one is likely to respond to real or imagined threats in an exaggerated fashion. Abuse, violation of physical boundaries, sexual abuse. I have seen asteroid Dejanaira come up time and time again as a reliable indicator of childhood abuse, especially sexual abuse.

Although asteroid Ophelia has many themes, many astrologers have noticed a link between this asteroid and accidental drownings. Asteroid Adrastaeia can show those who do not leave abusive situations, or, can show moments and traumas where we were unable to escape, as in the case of abusive childhoods. This asteroid can also talk about areas of wounding we cannot escape, such as alcoholism or drug abuse.

Hera killed all of her children as a punishment. Atropos as a theme has a relationship to endings of all kinds: relationships, business, death, accidents, and illness. Tyche was the Greek Goddess of Fortune, so when afflicted can show poor fortune or luck.

To protest, Persephone stopped eating when she was in the Underworld. Eventually, her mother finds her and negotiates a life where she will live above ground 6 months of the year, and below the other 6. Weaving, woven items, weaving things together, jealousy of God-given talents, talents that lead to pain or persecution, arrogance, boastfulness.

She unknowingly challenged a disguised Athena, Goddess of weaving, to a weaving duel. The asteroid Achilles is one of my key tools, alongside Karma and Chiron. Asteroid Ara is only bad, per se, when poorly positioned or afflicted within a natal chart. Normally, asteroid Ara would show where and how one is likely to give aid or be aided by others.By Phoenix the Elder — As a folk healer and dreamer, these darkest asteroids are specifically shared under the narrative of the useful emotional and soul languages of mythology and archetypes.

All of us, lifetime after lifetime, have our own complete shadow which is rarely seen in its entirety except for the wrathful dismemberment lifetime of a real shaman and that is not a mundane nor peaceful life.

The rest of us remain unconscious as adults just how deep our karma goes and believe me when I say this is the greatest blessing to have a lifetime of purification and purity to endure such cleansing. Potent energy of symbology, revealing the health or lack of, is when our nodes, 8th and 12th houses or sun and moon are impacted by fate and outer planets. Asteroids give us the details of such interior experiences rather than outer.

Through my client work, these have shown me a greater depth of the real personal blind spots and how our stories mirror suffering. Some suffer less and others more in life, and only when the doors and mystical gates of purification open do we suffer the worst.

I am not just an astrologer, but I am a healer first and foremost, and I use astrology as a symbolic tool to help map the greater self and help assist the infinite pieces of our lives. Where our weaknesses express themselves and how we build or rebuild our strength is as unique journey that coincides with the path of destruction. Asteroids are very accurate as they add a subtle light to unconscious blindness. All the asteroids have both a negative and a positive context, but some have a more negative and karmic expression and those are the ones I listed here.

The four essential ingredients are the four different states of matter and energy:. Earth as solid and our physical life; W ater as liquid and our emotional life; Wind air and our mental life; and Fire as transformative energy plasmaour death and rebirth life.

Plasma is a symbol for fire and there are many fire goddesses and gods to chose from when working with asteroids. Fire just like plasma changes matter from one state to another. In astrology, elements are used to describe symbolically the general nature of a person, situation or event and also the changes we go through. Nobody can be described by just one element, because we are influenced by our many elements. Change is always the medicine of healthy behavioral change and modification — which we practice and apply to overcome our sickness and pain and even karmic pain for some and this leads to….

As we get older in our thirties and forties we are asked by life to mature through difficult life experiences. The adult years are the all creative Mother and the most powerful. Each stage of Maiden, Mother and Grandmother have their own Goddess asteroids. They were reduced to maiden or mother goddesses through patriarchal destruction but now grandmothers on earth from here forth reclaim their powers, death, destruction, empowerment, rulership and autumn and winter.

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His mother was the immortal Nereid Thetis, and his father, the mortal Peleus, who was the king of the Myrmidons. We cannot walk forward in life or even walk without our feet, so this asteroid represents where we are wounded physically, emotionally, mentally, in our soul or our true non human element of nature spirit and we must bear the burdens this lifetime until we begin to accept. Asteroid Adrastaeia shows us dread when one does not leave abusive situations, or show moments and traumas where we were unable to escape, as in the case of an abusive childhood.

This asteroid can also talk about areas of wounding we cannot escape, such as alcoholism or drug abuse. There are three types of dogs of the underworld — 1.

The Guardians like Anubis who protect the opening and keep the demons in and you out and 2. The Hell Hounds of your own karmic past and they come to hunt you and destroy you. Cat and Dog animism is the most common of earth and the lowest animism souls a human can have. For the true initiate its a life time of death and loss, but for a greater spiritual reason than say Cererus which is demonic.

Anubis is not the demonic, its the intiation of being able to deal with the dark, not become it… the two and three headed dogs are the dark itself in shamanic terms. As a young man he worked in the vineyards and had a dream he was visited by the god Dionysus, he devoted his life to the newly developed art of tragedy from the destruction of the Goddess by the Dionysus Cult. As an archetype it rules addiction to alcohol or drugs and the tragedy this brings to the bearer and the family.The coronavirus continues to spread globally, with the first deaths in the United States, Australia and Thailand, all announced within a 12 hour period on Leap Day.

February 27 th saw the largest single-day drop in Dow history, shedding points. And perhaps invest in hand sanitizer stock to recoup your market losses? They are just now beginning to separate, right after the Sun came along to illumine their connection. In a chart cast for the first US death on 29 FebruaryMercury, Koronis, Achillesthe Sun and Troemper are all crammed within 9 degrees of early Pisces, from 2 through Natally, Trump has asteroid Koronis at 13 Capricorn, opposing natal Nemesis at 16 Cancer — could this be the crisis that finally brings his downfall?

Although Troemper and Koronis came together exactly only once, on October 27,their protracted contact has served to comingle their energies, so that the two have become hyper-identified in the public mindset. In fact, they were so enmeshed, that each came to its direct station within 24 hours of the other, on August 31 and September 1, with Troemper at 11 Capricorn and Koronis at Unfortunately, Trump possesses none of these qualities, and the cosmos is only as good as its least effective tool.

Mercury kicked off this process with its February 16 th retrograde at 12 Pisces playing a return engagement March Troemper entered the fray on 25 February, exiting March 7 th ; the Sun followed suit, in the zone from February March 4, the day Achilles joins the party until March 27 ; while Koronis, guest of honor, comes late to the party on March 7 thlingering just until the 18 th.

But the recent diagnosis in northern California shows no such connection, implying that the virus is now spreading third-and-fourth-hand, and is loose in the population at large. Mars is the ancient ruler of infectious disease, and Mars at 2 Sagittarius in the discovery chart has now moved to conjoin and transit across centaur Pholus at 4 Capricorn. Pholus is significant here, as it represents mass deaths by whatever cause; its close conjunction with asteroid Wuhan in the discovery chart, named for the Chinese city where the virus first emerged, was an early indicator that this could become a pandemic indeed, the death toll in China is approachingwith more than 86, infected.

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Mars is now at 9 Capricorn, still within orb of Pholus and imbued with its energies, but more importantly, opposing asteroid Washingtonia at 10 Cancer. Also at station at this time is asteroid Industria, which turned direct February 19 thexactly opposed Pholus from 4 Cancer.

Asteroid Kirkland, eponym for the city in which the first US death occurred, appears at 0 Leo, connected by T-Square to no less than three death indicators: a broad conjunction with asteroid Lachesis at 9 Leo, named for the mythic Greek Fate who determines the span of life; a square to her sister Atropos at 1 Taurus, who severs the thread of life at death; and opposed asteroid Requiem at 3 Aquarius, named for the funeral mass for the dead.

Uranus is also in this mix, conjoined Atropos from 3 Taurus, and indeed, the administration does seem to have been somewhat shocked Uranus out of its complacency by the death of an American on our own soil, perhaps even to the extent of touting actual science also Uranus-ruledrather than fantasies. Apollo was exactly conjunct Koronis on the day the virus was identified. America is also squared Koronis, Achilles, the Sun and Troemper, at 6, 8, 10 and 11 Pisces respectively, bringing the country into direct contact with the contagion.

It may seem out of place in the context of a plague, but Apollo also conjoins Venus at 25 Aries, perhaps a reminder that those most at risk are individuals with whom the infected are on intimate terms of affection. Asteroid Whitehouse, an indicator of the President and his administration, is also in a precarious position; at 27 Virgo, it is still running with asteroid Nemesis at 20 Virgo, that point of self-undoing and divine reckoning, and joined now by asteroid King, for the county in Washington where the first two US deaths occurred, at 26 Virgo.

Talk about out of the frying pan, into the fire! Alex Miller. InternationalHeadlines. March 2nd, at am. Alex Miller is a professional writer and astrologer, author of The Black Hole Book, detailing deep space points in astrological interpretation, and the forthcoming Heaven on Earth, a comprehensive study of asteroids, both mythic and personal.

death asteroids astrology

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Share this:. Alex Miller Alex Miller is a professional writer and astrologer, author of The Black Hole Book, detailing deep space points in astrological interpretation, and the forthcoming Heaven on Earth, a comprehensive study of asteroids, both mythic and personal.

One comment, add yours. Catherine March 15, Save Save.

The Asteroids of Pain, Loss, and Abuse

Save Save Save Save. April 7th, at am by Alex Miller. Trump made no bones about his reason for relieving Atkinson of his position, citing the decision to pass the complaint on to Congress as the grounds for removal. With The Donald, everything is either confession or projection. Continue reading.

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April 4th, at am by Alex Miller. But the key moment in this protracted process is when I move Ashes, my sweet-cranky tortoiseshell cat, who has been with me 13 years.

Where she is, is home! And that date was set for April 3. And a chart cast for moving day shows my faith was not misplaced, with the momentous event perfectly portrayed in celestial symmetry.

March 22nd, at am by Alex Miller. In this post she enlightens us about the current pandemic and what these icy worlds reveal about COVID March 19th, at pm by Alex Miller. Now affecting every corner of the globe except Antarctica, the COVID coronavirus pandemic threatens to destabilize governments and sow economic chaos for months, even years to come. A death toll count is pointless; even at the speed of internet publication, such figures are immediately outdated, but as of March 18 thglobal casualties approach 10, Millions are likely to follow.

March 12th, at am by Alex Miller. Both had been feeling unwell, tired and achy, with Ms. Wilson also experiencing chills and slight fever.Sorry, JK Rowling fans, no Hogwarts here! Just an expose of celestial harbingers of death. Planet-wise, death can be seen in three guises primarily— Saturn, the ancient lord of death; Pluto, its modern ruler; and Mars, which can be death in some contexts, particularly due to violence.

Of course none of these celestials cause death, but they do mark its passage. But there is a good case to be built that when looking at the aftermath of death, several asteroids can be even more reliable indicators of a passing than the planets we normally associate with the end of life. In some cosmologies they held power over the gods themselves, but surely all mortals were subject to their sway.

Klotho, the Spinner, wove together the disparate strands of destiny into a unified thread; Lachesis, the Allotter, determined how long the thread was to be, and Atropos, the Cutter, severed the thread of life at death. Also of note in symbolizing death is asteroid Osirisnamed for the Egyptian god of the dead, and asteroid Requiemnamed for the funeral mass for the dead.

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A key to deciding when death might be indicated, could be when three or more of these points, and the traditional planetary markers of death, are active simultaneously. I began researching this article by collating past work I have done with deaths of famous people, bringing together random threads much in the manner of the above-mentioned Klotho.

But as I thought about it, it occurred to me that a more useful beginning might be to examine a bloc of charts, inter-related. Everyone of course is familiar with the assassinations of President John F. Former Senator Ted Kennedy seems one of the few members of the family to have had a natural passing, but he came close to tragedy several times in his life, in the car crash at Chappaquiddick in and a plane crash which almost killed him in The Kennedys made good fodder for the research mill also because there is an asteroid corresponding to their surname, asteroid Kennedyand many of their commonplace first names also have asteroid representation.

Haunted by the loss of his eldest, Joseph Sr increasingly pushed his remaining sons into the political sphere, with far-reaching results that reverberate in the American psyche to this day. Transit Kennedy was also trine to transit Atropos and Lachesis at 9 and 15 Scorpio, and exactly squared natal Kennedy at 10 Libra. Asteroid Josefaalso for Joseph at 7 Gemini was conjunct transit Uranus, ruling aircraft, at 12 Gemini, and both were conjoined a natal combination of Osiris and Mars at 10 and 13 Gemini.

Transit Mars violent death at 19 Virgo opposed natal Atropos at 22 Pisces, which was also trined by transit Requiem at 23 Scorpio. Kathleen became romantically involved with another British peer, Earl Fitzwilliam, but the couple was killed in an air crash in the south of France on May 13, Transit Venus at 4 Cancer was coming to conjoin natal Pluto at 5 Cancer, indicating the death of the lovers. John F. Kennedy born 29 May is of course the headlining tragedy of the family.


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